Faye Update & Albion Online: The Introduction Of Guild Warfare

Thanks to Sandbox Interactive, a brand new update have been unveiled. It's said to bring “something for everyone” in Albion Online. Including new content to balance changes and general improvements. With regard to Albion Online Faye update, and the latest to hit the servers and more.

The Faye update introduces a new biome, the Forest. Hide mobs and Rock for players to try and obtain, but one should beware of the Forest Spirits roaming this environment, as Forests are deeply engraved with Albion’s ancient magic. Based on cheap albion online gold for sale, players can easy to enjoy authentic gaming world.

For the introduction of Royal Guild Territories, Guild warfare is also live with the Faye update. At the same time, it involves the fight for dominance over the Watchtower Territories in both yellow as well as red zones. Currently, speaking of the adjustments, what this means is that only members of the occupying guild are able to gather resounrces in the territory, in addition, even receive an additional bonus while doing so.

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by albion2017 | 2017-02-07 17:51