The Introduction Of Albion Castles And GvG

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Albion Online & Castles
Castles are nice, it bring an objective with a non equal start, with defenders having a positional advantage and attackers having the number advantage. Castle should give the guild holding it a nice price like money, resources and a more serious buff like 10% bonus damage. This last one will create a must have situation on castles.

Albion Online & GVG
They think that the actual GvG system sucks hard, 5v5 limits the choice of a composition guided by the meta which is guided by the patches, It is more about who have the better stuff win, rather than good composition well played.

They would put GvG on a 8v8 format, and the fight would happen on an ENTIRE map, with the same system of 3 objectives to control. GvG would be limited to one per day per map, and should last around 15 minutes.

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by albion2017 | 2017-02-07 18:08