Mu is based on Unreal Engine, and shares many familiar features with the first MU, it's quite authentic as well as immersive 3D MMORPG gameplay. After logging in and selecting your server, you will have a glimpse of the game lore and an introduction to some of the characters. It's no doubt that U4GM is best supplier of Mu Legend Zen.

This is your typical "the world is going to end", Good vs Evil scenario with great art and plot twist. After a thousand years, Kundun lost the fight with Sekneum inside him and the great sage is now the embodiment of darkness he ones tried to defeat. With only the city of Lorencia left standing, you have to go to Kethatoom and help Icarus to seal Kundun. Where can get cheapest Mu Legend Power Leveling? U4GM is your top choice.

MU Legend currently offers 5 classes. 4 playable class and 1 that is currently "in preparation". The 5 classes are the Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and the tease Emphasizer (in preparation). The MU Legend class selection screen shows off a selected class skill rotation video which you can see on the lower right corner.

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At Present, Mu Legend Korean launch is current officially live. What's more, the announcement for the hack-and-slash MMORPG has also hinted at the next step for the game’s Western release. Some gamers may be curious how this game would make it stand out from other MMOs and ARGs? if you are not fully familiar with Mu Legend, this following is official website:

Even if the game's global version, there still isn't a confirmed start date, but in the coming weeks, Webzen is promising an announcemnet of a schedule, in accordance to the announcemnet from publisher Webzen, MU Legend is currently being localized for English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese players. There is no better time to buy cheapest Mu Legend Zen in u4gm.

The part that intrigued us was that all classes in MU Legend would possess powerful area of effect skills right from the start in order to empower all characters regardless of their level. The four classes available (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage) will be offering a great deal of character and skill customization to help players define their own playstyle.

For a wide range of different PvP as well as PvE, gamers is fulled with expectation, in order to cater to all play styles, and merely a few minutes, content can either be completed, or played for hours at a time. Along with an extensive range of systems, such as gear enchancement as well as pets, players will be able to customize their experience in every way possible. Gamers have managed to buy cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling from u4gm.

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Guild is a portion of Albion gameplay, the following is a guides about Albion Online guilds, the main is the introduction of Guild, and its pros and cons, full informed guides about albion online, you can access to to get more.

The advantages of Guilds In Albion
If you have any questions, good guilds are there to decrease the learning curve of how to do things in the game.
Guilds can protect you while you gather in the open world so that your chance of death is decreased overall.
Guilds often have members that can craft items for their guild-mates thus reducing the personal cost to buy the items off the auction house.
Guilds also are able to provide guild islands or territories that reduce or completely eliminate the cost of crafting and refining your own resources instead of having to use the vendors in the cities which could cost an arm and a leg.
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The disadvantages of Guilds In Albion
Guilds charge their members a tax rate that in some cases may become excessive.
If you are a solo player in general, you might feel left out of many of the guild happenings.
Larger guilds sometimes favor certain members over others, resulting in a communistic approach to the guild.
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You can be a winner with the aid of a sharp weapon in albion, a weapon crafted far back in the first era here on the very earth of Albion. for you see back then in the times of myth a great many of the holy body's we now know as the gods were once mortal men. Including the Artisan known as the SuperStrong. Many of gamers deep down believed that albion online gold is essential in the process of playing game.

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But the Howling Fury was the peak of his Splender my brothers. One day a strange old man came to the door step of his smithery on a day not to dissimilar to this to make a special order. A mighty enchanted blade forged of the great Adamantite. But not just any Adamantite but the Greatest ore of its kind to ever exist.

Strong had produced weapons of this material before but the specifications he wanted of this weapon were beyond even his caliber. He told the stranger he could not produce such a weapon of this quality out of the great Adamantite as even smithing with this material alone is next to impossible for even the most Mastered of smiths. More cheap albion online for sale, and welcome to visit:

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Albion Online & Castles
Castles are nice, it bring an objective with a non equal start, with defenders having a positional advantage and attackers having the number advantage. Castle should give the guild holding it a nice price like money, resources and a more serious buff like 10% bonus damage. This last one will create a must have situation on castles.

Albion Online & GVG
They think that the actual GvG system sucks hard, 5v5 limits the choice of a composition guided by the meta which is guided by the patches, It is more about who have the better stuff win, rather than good composition well played.

They would put GvG on a 8v8 format, and the fight would happen on an ENTIRE map, with the same system of 3 objectives to control. GvG would be limited to one per day per map, and should last around 15 minutes.

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As we all know already, Albion online is mystical world, what's more, it's imbued with various dangers and challenges, to name a few, its resources, Green, Red and Dead Forests, Hide Mobs and so on, anything is seemingly unknown and interesting, and it's waiting you to explore it. Above mentioned such as Hide Mobs, Green, Red and Dead, you can find more:

Three different resources can be found in the forests: Wood, Hide and Rock. It will come to no one’s surprise that the most abundant resource in the forests is Wood. Sharpen your axe and get ready to chop.

The forests are a natural habitat of a plethora of animals, ranging from harmless bunnies to monstrous bears. Kill and skin them to get your hands on various tiers of Hide. As the forest biome is very near the highlands, you will occasionally find occasional Rock nodes between the trees as well.

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In Albion, some gamers have been able to grind and craft theirself gears with the help of my guild, at present, wearing T4.3 (Soldier helmet, Guardian chest and Soldier boots) and have only used dual-swords so far. How to buy gold on official website:

In addition, sometimes gamers are very clueless in terms of wearing gears since you can mix up anything in here. You should try some leather jackets out, like assassins jacket or hunters jacket. Plate chest pieces dont go too well with weapons that deal damage, the plate holds back your damage potential for tankiness.

Maybe Knights Helm with Block would be good, a well timed Block can negate the biggest spells in the game and the speed+CC resist can get you out of trouble. good spells and strong weapons, the need of cheap albion online gold. A huge emphasis on guilds (how clans were in RS) and a game that encourages socialization vs more and more runescape becoming a single player game.

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Thanks to Sandbox Interactive, a brand new update have been unveiled. It's said to bring “something for everyone” in Albion Online. Including new content to balance changes and general improvements. With regard to Albion Online Faye update, and the latest to hit the servers and more.

The Faye update introduces a new biome, the Forest. Hide mobs and Rock for players to try and obtain, but one should beware of the Forest Spirits roaming this environment, as Forests are deeply engraved with Albion’s ancient magic. Based on cheap albion online gold for sale, players can easy to enjoy authentic gaming world.

For the introduction of Royal Guild Territories, Guild warfare is also live with the Faye update. At the same time, it involves the fight for dominance over the Watchtower Territories in both yellow as well as red zones. Currently, speaking of the adjustments, what this means is that only members of the occupying guild are able to gather resounrces in the territory, in addition, even receive an additional bonus while doing so. is providing cheap albion online gold at cheap prices for gamers. In addition, UPAlbion is a rich experienced official gaming website. It provides security Guarantee for the accounts of customers and also offer guaranteed high speed delivery. In view of this, more and more players choose to buy cheap albion online gold from a trustworthy and honest website such as UPAlbion.

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In Albion Online, therearen't natural checks and balances to prevent the size of wolf packs from becomingtoo large. And if there are too many wolves, there won't be enoughgatherers. And if there aren't enough gatherers, then the number ofwolves will decline – perhaps permanently.

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On the Royal Continent we will havegreen, yellow, and red zones. In the green zones a new player shouldbe able to gather and do be PvE activities with minimal risk. Thereshould be a greater risk in yellow zones, and more still in redzones.

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